What Type Of Military Move Is Best For You?

Here you go again! It’s PCS time! As a service member, you have options when it comes to your move! The agents at American Veteran Properties have experienced all types of military moves and we’d love to help you with the process! Let’s take a look at the options available to you when you are PCSing with the military.

DPS Move

Does the idea of packing up all your belongings, loading a truck, and moving everything to your new duty station sound like overwhelming? If that is too much to take on, a DPS (Defense Personal Property Program) move might be your best option. A DPS move is meant to make the moving process easier for service members and their families. A DPS move provides all the following services:

To start the process of a DPS move, you’ll need a MilitaryOneSource account where you can login and schedule all elements of your move (www.MilitaryOneSource.mil).  

Personally Procured Move

If you would prefer to move yourself, you have that option. The military will reimburse you 95-100% of your moving costs. Formerly referred to as DITY-or do-it-yourself move, there are two types of Personally Procured Moves (PPMs).  

1. Member-Elected Personally Procured Move

This is when a military service member prefers to relocate their household goods themselves and is the most common type of move. In a Member-Elected PPM, you are reimbursed up to 100% of what the Department of Defense would have paid a moving company. If you spend any additional money, those costs come out of your pocket. On the other hand, if you spend less than that amount, you keep the amount you saved.  

 The amount of money allocated to a service member for their move is calculated based on the government’s contracted moving rate and the service member’s household good weight allowance. You may be given some of the money for moving expenses up front, but the majority of the payment will be made once you have completed your move. It is important to keep this in mind when you are deciding on what type of move you prefer. You will need to have saved the money for your move upfront. It can take a little time to get reimbursed for your move on the other end.  

 You must apply for a PPM and have the application authorized for a PPM move before you can proceed with this type of move.  

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2. Actual-Cost Personally Procured Move

While Member-Elected PPMs are voluntary, an Actual-Cost Personally Procured Move is ordered by the transportation office. This happens when a government-sourced move is not possible within the necessary timeframe. If government resources won’t work out, you may not have an option. If you’re forced to move yourself, you will be reimbursed for the actual cost of the move. Service members must stay within their household goods weight allowance, but you will not be expected to pay any moving expenses—even if those rates exceed government contracted rates. 

A PPM move may be a good choice if you need more flexibility. You can space out your dates and you are not required to be at your location on a specific date for your household goods delivery. A PPM is more work for the service member, but also gives you more options and control. However, keep in mind that moving yourself can be physically demanding. Additionally, you will not typically receive compensation for damaged items. A PPM move puts much more responsibility on the service member but can also be a nice source of additional income.  

Whatever type of move you decide on, American Veteran Properties understands the experience of moving in the military and PCSing. If you’re moving to the Savannah, Ft. Stewart, Ft. Benning, Richmond Hills, or Beaufort area, we’d love to help you get settled! We can find a new home for you to purchase or rent. Our website even has community guides to help you get settled. Let AVP make your move easier! 

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