Meet the AVP Team: Sandi Folkerts

American Veteran Properties keeps growing and expanding our service area. We are pleased to welcome Sandi Folkerts to our team so we can continue providing the best service to all our customers. We’d love for you to get to know Sandi so we’ve asked her a few questions.

Q: Tell us about your military background.

A: I joined the Air Force at the age of 17. I served as a nuclear munitions specialist for almost 8 years. After separating, I continued serving at the Veterans Benefits Administration, also acting as Casualty Assistance Coordinator from 2006-2010 at Ft. Carson. I participated regularly with the Patriot Guard Riders, escorting our injured and re-deploying soldiers home. In 2010, I commissioned into the Army under the Social Work Internship Program. I served there for over 12 years and retired in 2022. I’ve lived in many places including Utah, North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas, and Germany. My grandpa served in WWII and my dad, who was inspirational to me, served on the USS Lexington “Lady Lex” in the early 60s.

Q: How did you get into real estate?

A: In April 2021, I participated in a Masterclass with the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network (WREIN), which helped me establish my goals in real estate investing and financial security. At that time, I already had a few rental properties from PCSing but didn’t quite understand the true business until that class. Desiring to learn more, enhance my understanding of the real estate, and expand my streams of income, I got my license and here I am!

Q: What is your real estate experience?

A: I have two rental properties in other states—and one that I’ve owned for over 20 years. I also flipped a property in Savannah in 2022 and I’ve been a private money lender for other ladies in the WREIN for their flips. I have my own investing business and am teaching my kids how to do the same. What good is knowledge if you hoard it all to yourself?

Q: Why do you want to help military service members with their real estate goals?

A: Many in the military have sacrificed much more than the general population is aware. Some tend to struggle tremendously because of those sacrifices. I believe it’s high time we help them get ahead by teaching strategies that can give them the financial security they deserve. Since my passion and calling is geared toward the military population, it makes sense to share what I’ve learned with them. I see myself as a coach, whether I’m wearing a therapist hat, a yoga instructor hat, or a real estate agent hat. Each of these roles has the potential to increase the confidence of service members and vets to improve their quality of life!

Q: Why is AVP the best choice for real estate services in the Savannah area?

A: AVP isn’t a company that just buys and sells real estate to and for the military population. Instead, we help service members understand the real estate market and how to set themselves up for success in the future. By making wise decisions about real estate and other financial decisions, service members can grow their personal wealth. The military indoctrinates us into a ladder-type progression to be successful. What if we could accelerate that or even toss out that programming and believe we can achieve whatever we want?! I believe we are unlimited in the amount of wealth (wellness and health) we can generate and the number of lives we can impact!

Q: What do you love about the area?

A: There are three things I love about Georgia: 1) the warm weather; 2) the warm weather; and 3) the warm weather! Southern Georgia is one of my favorite places! It’s beautiful here, the ocean is a stone’s throw away (as is Florida), and the Southern hospitality is unmatched. The area has a large veteran population, which makes me feel at home, and Georgia also has great benefits for veterans!

We’re so excited to have Sandi as a part of our team! Come talk to Sandi, or any one of our experienced agents, and we’ll help you with all your real estate needs. As a full-service agency, we can assist with buying, selling, renting, and property management services.

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