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I Want Property Management Services– Can AVP Help?

Are you in the military or a veteran? You want to work with people who share your values and understand your situation. AVP is built on the same values as the military world and every agent has experienced life in the military. Our team of agents at American Veteran Properties works with veterans and their families to help them build financial security responsibly through the purchase and subsequent rental of residential property. When a military member who owns a home is assigned a new duty station, he or she can rent out the house and then purchase a new home – covered by Basic Allowance for Housing – at the new duty station.  

Perhaps you’re wondering what happens when you have to go to a new duty station and leave your property behind. Not to worry, AVP has you covered there. We provide complete property management services, including: 

I Want Property Management Services-- Can AVP Help?


Setting and Collecting Rent

Setting rent prices can be daunting. You want to maximize your income, but not price yourself out of the market. AVP is experienced setting rent prices. We research the specific area to ensure the right rental rate for the property. Plus, we will take care of all the rent collecting duties and any issues with rent payments that may arise. There are no gray areas in your partnership with AVP. We take a moral and ethical approach and advise you to the best of our knowledge.

For example, we’ll help you understand the risks and applicable pet fees, which the owner keeps, if you take on a pet owner as a renter. Or we’ll let you know, if a repair, remodel, or new carpets are needed after a tenant has left to maximize your rental income but we never suggest unnecessary maintenance or take a percentage of this work as additional fees.  We always have your best interests at heart.  


Tenant Screening

Tenant screening can be a hassle. Multiple appointments and no-shows create a challenge. Don’t worry, we will meet with prospective occupants and find the best candidate to rent your home. You tell us your tenant parameters and we’ll find a renter who will take care of your home. We will take steps to make sure you always have a good renter in your property. If you don’t have quality tenants in your property, we all lose. AVP will work hard to find you the best tenants.  

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Regular maintenance of a property in essential. That’s hard to do when you are half-way across the country. From replacing fans to minor repairs, AVP will create a regular maintenance schedule to guarantee your property stays kept up and remains a desirable rental property.  


Scheduling Repairs

Unexpected repairs can be such a hassle. If the water heater bursts or the garbage disposal quits, you can’t leave the field to come do a repair. But AVP can make sure that repair is scheduled and completed in your absence in a timely manner and for a fair price. AVP does not upcharge or charge additional property management fees. We offer transparent contracts and support and guide our clients. You keep all late fees from tenants.  

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Property Inspections

It is imperative to perform a property inspection after each tenant has left and before leasing to a new tenant. AVP will carefully inspect the property to assess any damages and ascertain whether any maintenance or repairs are required before releasing the deposit. 

Start increasing your wealth today by purchasing a home in Savannah or one of the surrounding communities. With decades of experience, we take the stress out of being a property owner by managing any routine issues that arise. We know the Ft. Stewart, Ft. Benning, Hunter Army Airfield, and Savannah neighborhoods well and can take care of everything for you! 

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