AVP Meet the Team: Ashley's Story

Meet the AVP Team: Ashley’s Story

American Veteran Properties is continually growing. We’ve just added a new member to our team, and we’re excited for you to get to know Ashley Kerzner! Ashley’s personal military experience makes her an asset to our team and we’re happy to have her on board. Here’s a little bit about Ashley: 

Q: Tell us about your military background.

A: I joined the Coast Guard when I was 17. I went to basic training in Cape May, New Jersey, where I graduated as an E2. I then went directly to Petaluma, California for my A school, where I learned to be an Operations Specialist. I graduated from training in November of 2019 as an E3. My duty assignment was in Chesapeake, Virginia at Communications Command, where I put on as an E4 and E5. I spent the rest of my contract responding to distress situations and assisting aircraft in daily flights and out of rate qualifications.

Q: How did you get into real estate?

A: Honestly, I have always loved watching HGTV. I got bit by the real estate bug and I am so excited to help clients and continue gaining real estate expertise.

Q: What is your real estate experience?

A: I am new in the real estate game, and I feel like I am learning from the best! American Veteran Properties has an amazing team of real estate agents with years of knowledge and experience. So far, I am really enjoying working in real estate!

Q: Why do you want to help military service members with their real estate goals?

A: The military provides a lot of benefits to its services members that members never know about. With relocations and assignments, it’s hard for service members to find the time and resources to discover and navigate all those potential benefits.

Unfortunately, the military doesn’t make much of an effort to make sure it educates its members and help them implement the various benefits at their fingertips. Most service members don’t understand all their benefits and don’t know how to use them. I wish I had someone to help me and guide me through the process. I want to help people with those things!

Q: Why is AVP the best choice for real estate services in the Savannah area?

A: The employees at AVP are just genuine good people. There is really nothing that can beat working with, and for, good people. They care about both sidesthe business and the customers, which is often found lacking in the industry. 

Q: What do you love about the area?

A: I’m still very new to the area. I am really enjoying exploring the different areas of Georgia and discovering all that it offers.  Plus, the trees are gorgeous. I’m happy for any recommendations!  

Come visit us at American Veteran Properties and let Ashley, or any one of our amazing agents, help you with your real estate ventures. There is no real estate team better prepared to help military service members navigate the real estate market.

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