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American Veteran Properties Can Give You an Education in Real Estate

School is in session! There is so much to know about the housing and real estate market—especially purchasing a home as a military service member. Don’t worry, American Veteran Properties is here to help you maneuver through the real estate game and guide you along the way. No aggressive salespeople here—just a dedicated team that is ready to help you reach your dreams.

Let’s start your education with a brief overview of some important aspects of real estate when it comes to the military. You may feel that home ownership is beyond your reach because you are constantly moving, you haven’t built up equity, or it just doesn’t seem affordable. That’s where you’re wrong! Service members are entitled to special programs that make getting into a home easier.

VA Loans

You’ve worked hard for your VA benefits. We can show you how those benefits will make it easier to purchase a home and save you a lot of money. VA home loans offer several benefits to help you purchase a home. Here are some benefits you’ll get from a VA home loan:

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No Down Payment

Unlike traditional loans, a VA Loan does not require a down payment. You don’t have to pull together enough cash to make a down payment to purchase a home. Instead, you can focus directly on monthly mortgage costs.


No Mortgage Insurance

Most loans require the purchaser to pay for mortgage insurance until they reach a certain percentage of ownership on their home. Mortgage insurance fees are waived with a VA Loan. 

American Veteran Properties Can Give You an Education in Real Estate
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Easier Credit Requirements

You’ll find more lenient credit requirements with a VA Loan.


Less Restrictive Debt-to-Income Ratio Requirements

A VA Loan allows you to have a higher debt-to-income ratio than a typical home loan.

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Closing Cost Limitations

Closing costs include all costs required to produce the loan and they can get expensive. With a VA Loan, there is a cap on how high those costs can reach.


Use VA Loan Benefits Multiple Times

This is not a one time only deal. You don’t have to wait for the “perfect” home or opportunity to use your VA Loan benefits. You can apply for a VA Loan several times. 

VA Loan Veterans Affair

BAH Responsibly

Maybe you’ve got orders to Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield or Fort Benning. Whether you’re assigned to Audie Murphy’s 3ID, 1/75th Ranger at Hunter, or Fort Benning, we can help you get settled in no time. Should you live on post, rent, or buy? AVP knows the best home options in the area, BAH rates, and predicted cost of living. The Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) provides money to cover service members’ housing costs when they are not living on base. By using your BAH responsibly, you can build your wealth—and we can help you learn exactly how to do that!

Fatigues to Freedom

American Veteran Properties is proud to offer the “Fatigues to Financial Freedom” program! Our seminars focus on showing military members how to build personal wealth and achieve financial security. By taking advantage of benefits, such as VA loans, service members can generate future wealth.

We understand the unique military lifestyle. AVP is owned and operated by veterans and military dependents, and we’ll work hard to address your needs. “Fatigues to Financial Freedom” is AVP’s proven method for building wealth. Financial freedom is within your reach without any risk-taking or scheming. We’ll provide the knowledge and support you need to take the anxiety out of financial planning. AVP can help protect your family while you protect our country.

First and foremost, we pride ourselves on being educators. We want to educate military service members on how to use their benefits when it comes to real estate and purchasing a home. Reach out to any American Veteran Properties’ team members and we can walk you through all aspects of the real estate market, whether you’re buying in the Savannah, Hinesville, or surrounding areas.

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