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Hampton County is the self proclaimed “watermelon capital” of the world and is unique in that it functions primarily as a County, and not as individual towns.

Living in this rural county provides a very small-town feel and offers large plots of forested and country land. Historic homes in the County’s small city center are also charming with a close proximity to amenities. If you prefer wilderness recreational activities to historic seatowns, Hampton County may be the perfect place to call home.


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Hampton County, SC

Hampton County’s history is long, as its first residents were Native Americans. In fact, hunting for Native American artifacts is still a favorite local pastime.

This charming rural County boasts a different topography than other lowcountry areas. Made up of thick forests, swampy marshlands, rivers, and ponds, the County is paradise for hunters and outdoor sportsmen. And this County takes recreation seriously. Specifically, on a visit to Lake Warren State Park, you’ll have the opportunity to boat, fish, or even view alligators from the pier.

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Property Management in Hampton County, SC

If you’re looking to list your Hampton County property as a rental, look no further. AVP partners with you to help you make the most of your investment with transparent and reliable property management services in Hampton County. The team of agents at American Veteran Properties works with veterans and their families to help them amass personal wealth through the acquisition and subsequent rental of residential property.

When a military member who owns a home is assigned a new duty station, he or she can rent out the house and then purchase a new home – covered by Basic Allowance for Housing – at the new duty station.

The process repeats until the veteran owns several homes that he or she can either sell for profits or use to continue generating rental income. In time, the homes pay for themselves many times over.


With decades of experience, we take the stress out of being a landlord by handling routine issues that crop up.


With AVP, trust that your home is managed with military precision and commitment. Late fees and pet deposits go directly to the owner.


We partner with our veterans and service members with the common goal of helping them to build and grow wealth.

What makes us different?

We are able to serve our clients in ways that allow them to settle into new duty stations with the peace of mind that their property is being looked after properly by a company that prides itself on transparency and fairness. We strive to take the stress out of being a landlord from the homeowner/investor by handling routines issues that crop up.

In addition, AVP does not keep the additional fees that renters are often charged, such as pet deposits and late fees. We partner with service members and veterans to help them take advantage of their VA loan benefits to build wealth.

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